Homeschool (?)

I just read an interesting article about homeschooling on one of the many Gawker-branded sites.  Though I’m not a homeschooler myself, I have talked back and forth with several homeschoolers in the past few weeks who have convinced me that it’s doable.  Not something that I want to do, but something that can be done if people have the right motivation and interest.

In any case, have a read here:  It may not be your cup of tea, but it’ll at least give you an idea of where homeschoolers are coming from.


One thought on “Homeschool (?)

  1. Thank you! I am starting my 17th year of homeschooling. I homeschooled my step-son from fourth through 12th. I only have a few years remaining now; my two sons are high school age — a rising sophomore and a rising junior. We begin chemistry this year using Glencoe Chemistry: Mater and Change. Thankfully, I still have supplies from when our eldest studied chemistry, but the order still added up! I am excited! I spent my summer skimming the text, selecting labs, and obtaining supplies. In fact, my order arrives this week. I also saved many videos to my youtube playlists, including Flinn Scientific demos, Bozeman Science, CrashCourse, Ted-Ed, Tyler Dewitt, and Ben’s Chem Videos. Youtube proved a wonderful source when studying biology last year. Your website, which I used years ago, proves so helpful today as well. We are using several of your labs, and I imagine we will use your worksheets as well.

    I study most subjects along with the boys (unless I know it well enough to teach). This year, we all three studied geometry, for example. I enjoy honing my skills and find the “classroom” works well when we share answers and help each other when needed. It is great practice for one of the boys to try to explain to the other how he arrived at the answer. My younger tends to be able to see non-Euclidean geometry and Euclidean transformations far better than I. In fact, today, he used software to show me the rotation of a right triangle to show a particular cone. My other son and I are stronger in algebra skills.

    The older of the two begins college classes this year. He is taking Latin 201 and 202, Acting I, and U. S. History 102 locally. My younger is taking an online A. P. Computer Science course. They have both taken other online courses along with a few MOOCs. The older reads incessantly (working on Les Miserables right now) and reads/watches Shakespeare and period dramas while the younger works with programming languages, video game design, stop motion, and texture packs, and plays the piano. He built a computer from scratch this past winter.

    Some extracurricular activities include: speech and debate competition, theatre performance, Quiz Bowl, martial arts, and piano recitals.

    They both have girlfriends and other friends, so they are really just typical teens. They have their individual passions, and I do my best to facilitate them. It truly is a lot of work. Many times I go straight from school to making dinner to checking work to corrections to getting stuff ready for the next day. It sounds like the day of a typical teacher, right? :)

    We have many friends who homeschool and who support one another. They are all so very different. Different economic brackets, different religions, different ethnicities, different reasons for homeschooling. I also have several good friends who are teachers — both public and private. My younger son enjoys chatting about math with one of them (he teaches at a private school in NC). He is always willing to help us out when we get stuck on a problem. My husband works very hard with his lawn business, affording me to stay home. It has not always been easy as homeschooling can be pricey. We are a family of “Do-it-yourselfers” out of necessity. It has been a wonderful journey, and I truly think it has been the best fit for our family. I have so much respect and admiration for teachers of all kinds and appreciate all the help they have given on the internet — through sites like this.


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