Interviewing on the road

Now that Spring Break is finally here, it’s time for me to drive down to Florida. Two days from now, I’ll be basking in the sun!

Of course, job seekers like myself don’t stop looking for work just because we’re on vacation. During the drive down I have a phone interview. On Thursday I have a video interview with a bunch of people from another school. I won’t be driving then, but I will be in an unfamiliar location. I hope there’s good wifi.

I once heard somebody say that you should never interview during your vacation because “your vacation is your time.” Personally, I can think of very few uses of my time that are more valuable than finding a job at a school that would be a good fit. Both schools at which I’m interviewing are excellent schools with excellent reputations, and I’m glad for the opportunity to speak with them about their open positions.

There will be plenty of time to bask in the sun afterwards.

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